Can polyphasic sleep affect the production of testosterone?

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From: Daniele G.
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Sent: Sep 7, 2017
Subject: polyphasic sleep


I apologize for the disturbance. I read that you conducted studies about the effect of the polyphasic sleep on health. I would want to ask you if you think the uberman method can compromise the production of some hormones, like testosterone. Thank you very much for the time you spent to read my e-mail. Good evening.


  • we did not actually study polyphasic sleep, instead we claim it is infeasible (and thus hard to study)
  • polyphasic sleep can be compared to sleep deprivation, as such it can mess up your hormones indeed
  • please allow of a few days to get a more detailed answer


  1. polyphasic sleep is an unhealthy practice, please read more
  2. polyphasic sleep is likely to result in a drop in testosterone