Can images be edited outside of SuperMemo without issue?

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I occasionally want to make minor changes to an image I have in an image component. For example, I took a screen snippet of a diagram of a runtime stack from a PDF textbook and used it for a series of questions, but after a few iterations have found that some of the words in the image "tip off" the answer. I do not like image occlusions due to the issues they have when viewed on screens of different resolution so I avoid them. The solution here is to delete ("white out") the text in the image.

I have opened the image in an external editor (Paint.NET) after finding its location via the image registry, and erased the offending text. My question is are there any side effects this can cause? If not, how much can we edit before it becomes an issue? Can we resize images in an image editor outside of SuperMemo without issue? What if we completely replace the JPG file at the file system level outside SuperMemo?

Knowing what we can and cannot do without affecting SuperMemo operations and collection integrity will be very helpful. Thanks.


You can use File : Edit file on the image component menu (right click). You will then edit the image in whatever editor is associated with the image file type.

You can also edit images on the disk as long as you save them back in the same location and with the same extension.

The fastest way to get the file location is to use: File : Copy path (the path is stored in the clipboard).

SuperMemo sees images as just files on the disk. It does not check their sizes or content. It only remembers the location and the type of the image (e.g. jpg, png, gif, etc.).