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mrozikpl wrote:

Is there any option to turn off autoplay of YT videos? Looks like setting video component to display at answer doesn't work. Also, Autoplay doesn't work. Indeed, videos does not show up but I can still hear the voice.


YouTube videos always run automatically on loading. Attributes like show or play are not relevant. Incremental video in YouTube was designed to be just an effective way of lecture listening with occasional extracts. There are no cloze deletion equivalents. No items. If you explain particular examples of things you want to learn, perhaps a suggestion could be made how to overcome those limitations.

Follow up

Sometimes there are vidoes full of useful information, perhaps I should just extract the fragment about "Homo erectus", however I want to keep this information in the form of active recall. What do you suggest? I have separated collection for youtube&videos. Should I just describe in few sentences the extract about "Homo erectus" and transfer to my All my knowledge collecction?

Video and cloze


I think that if you do a lot of lectures, you will notice that it is usually most profitable to summarize them in just a few sentences and then process that with incremental reading. Naturally, there are fact-packed videos (your Homo erectus looks like one). In those cases, processing text is probably more efficient. You could, for example, listen the video "for pleasure" and then try to process a text with similar information with your focus set on what you have already seen, remembered, or become interested in. For example, "Homo erectus" from Wikipedia? If you are more into video than text, keeping it in short extracts could also work, but then you will probably want to convert some of those into actual Q&A at longer intervals, e.g. 6-12 months from now.

On second thoughts, this video is indeed too nice to be easily replaced with Wikipedia. Your picture seems to show that you use a cloze deletion on a text associated with the video. This sound like a good idea: summary in incremental reading, associated with an extract. However, incremental video was not designed for such approach, which clearly is a weakness. You can try the following (untested) algorithm:

In this case, video should be an illustration and should not provide the answer.