Author of SuperMemo is verifiably mad

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From: Aurelia
Country: Poland
Sent: Jun 20, 2017
Subject: nasty article


Did you see this text: "Language Hackers And Polyglots Are Full Of Shit"? It made me pretty angry because it claims Anki and SuperMemo are a waste of time. The author is particularly vulgar and disrespectful. For example, he writes the author of Supermemo is legitimately off his rocker, dedicating his life to annotating and memorizing everything he reads. I hope you write some critical text that would explain logical errors in this text.

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  • thank you. this text actually raises a great deal of legitimate points. we also get upset with all those "learn language in a week" adverts. However, it totally misses the point about SuperMemo. Those myths have been dealt in FAQs, at or at SuperMemopedia in many places. Also, the comment section includes some clarifying comments from users of SuperMemo and Anki. In other words there is nothing new to address
  • such texts sow a great deal confusion. If you mix obviously true statements like "you cannot get fluent in a language in 2 weeks", which falsehoods like "you need to use SuperMemo every day", for newcomers, it builds a false picture of what SuperMemo is. Hopefully, smart readers will simply come to the source (e.g. and find more


To reciprocate the remote psychiatric diagnosis, the author fails with spaced repetition because he is an angry man. Good learning requires a cool rational mind.