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From: Rabbi Bearmant
Country: E. Israel
Sent: Today
Subject: Audio Recording QA


in SM 16

I want to record the question and answer on an item as an audio file.

1) I add a sound component.

2) Question is (audiobly) "Who is the dumbest lady on the face of the earth?"

3) Then I have added a second sound components and marked it as "answer".

4) then I record the answer (also audio recording) "It's a tie between Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton".

Is there a way (as the author) that as I am adding the question I can record the question to the question component and the answer to the answer component. Recording snippets like this in an outside program and then importing them is very tedious and counter intuitive.

Thank You


Recording sounds in the sound component directly into the registry is not possible in SuperMemo. This feature was requested in a long past, but nowadays, it seems, users prefer to use ready-made files (e.g. imported from the web, provided in ready-made collections, etc.).

If you are authoring a collection for others, you can associate a sound editor with the sound type you use. This is not much harder than clicking Record, and you can avail of the best editors in the world (incl. you favorite one).