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After converting a SuperMemo16 collection into SuperMemo17, the Buttons 'Answer' and 'Display At' are greyed out. I am talking about the component menue, which I open by right click on the component. This applies to all elements, those I had already created in previous versions as new ones.

I often change question and answer by checking and unchecking the 'answer'-function. I just updated from SM16 to SM17, in SM 16 it was not greyed out and I used it a lot. I use the professional mode.

I tried to find an answer in the online-help, but the paragraph refering to 'answer' in the article about components does not tell anything about that it might be greyed out. Searching for terms 'grey' or 'unavailable' in the full text search lead nowhere.

What's causing this? I need to be able to create my items freely again!


  • changing display attribute is blocked only in spelling components that need to be displayed to perform their function. Some users "lost" those components when applying templates and disabling display attribute options helps prevent that
  • see if you have spelling component included in your templates or hiding under the template
  • see if you have invisible component obscuring the view (e.g. Ctrl+E)
  • see if changing level to File : Level : Professional helps


This problem could not be reproduced. Perhaps you could send an exemplary collection if this is collection-dependent? See hints for some ideas on how to investigate