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From: Mrozikpl
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Sent: Jul 31, 2017
Subject: Spread on pending queue


I have my articles for IR and Advanced English in one collection. From time to time I memorize some items (usually 10 items) from Advanced English. I do it by opening pending queue (sorted by ordinals) and clicking Ins. Selected material I open in child-browser. Then, I choose Learning : Remember. I choose Default optimum interval. Can I use Learning:Spread instead? (e.g. spreading 10 items for 10 days, one per day)


Yes. This sound like an excellent idea. You can plan the whole month by using Spread. You can then see if this is too much, or if you can increase the volume. Note that with auto-sort, you never need to worry about overloading the process. If you feel in command, you can increase to 20 items per day or more. The only thing you need to remember when "overloading" is to mark the most important items with high priority to make sure they get reviewed in time. With higher volume, you are in better control of which items you remember well, and which can be risked to forgetting.