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Upgrade to Advanced English 2014

Users of Advanced English 94, 97, 98, 2002 and (SuperMemo Megamix), can request a free upgrade to Advanced English 2014.

SuperMemo 16 has been extended by enhanced XML synchronization mechanisms that make it easier to upgrade old versions of Advanced English to Advanced English 2014.

The new version of Advanced English reflects changes in the language in the last decade, fixes a large number of errors, improves the wording of items with the view to improved mnemonic quality (better retention), etc.

Only minor improvements to the set of sounds associated with Advanced English have been made.

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Upgrade process

The upgrade process looks as follows:

  • open your collection in SuperMemo 16 (i.e. upgrade it to SuperMemo 16 format)
  • download sounds in the form of the \elements folder (if you want to update sounds)
  • choose the provided XML AE2014 file to update your collection (it will also update sounds if you choose the sounds option)
  • choose the way the update should be made (e.g. replace texts, append old texts, etc.)

For example see:

Upgrade help

If you would like to upgrade your old Advanced English without losing your corrections, pictures, or templates, please get in touch by mail to receive help.



Advanced English 2014 can be transferred to other SuperMemos or applications as long as they care to support XML specs used in SuperMemo 16

See: SuperMemo data exchange via XML



Table of contents in Advanced English 2014: