Adding hudreds of questions at once

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Country: China
Sent: Jan 11, 2018
Subject: Enter a large number of items one at a time and learn 10 projects a day


I want to put hundreds of questions and answers into SuperMemo 16 at once, then plan to study 12 questions and answers every day. How should I set up in SuperMemo 16? Thank you!


Once you have 1000 questions in SuperMemo, you can do:

  • View : Memorized (to display all memorized elements)
  • browser menu (right click), Process browser : Learning : Spread
  • answer Yes to Do you want to reschedule ...?
  • type 12 at Number of elements per day
  • click OK

For 1000 memorized elements, 12 per day will let you finish in 84 days. However, you should remember that in a couple of days you will have 12 new elements and a growing number of outstanding/memorized elements.

Note that having those elements "memorized" is of no harm. Mercy and Spread work only with memorized elements, i.e. those that are in the schedule (not necessarily in your memory).