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  1. Why don't you answer my e-mails?
  2. Your answers tell me you do not care about your customers!
  3. Can I download a demo version of SuperMemo?
  4. Download SuperMemo
  5. Why should I buy SuperMemo, not other learning applications?
  6. SuperMemo is too difficult!
  7. Do I have to create my own items?
  8. Why can I not rate newly made questions?
  9. First impression: SuperMemo does not work!
  10. Question and answer format is very effective
  11. I keep trying SuperMemo and always run into trouble
  12. Why does SuperMemo decide for me when to learn?
  13. Does SuperMemo show a popup message to remind me about learning?
  14. When will first repetitions come?
  15. Reviewing material before an exam
  16. Basic mastery of computers is vital for using SuperMemo
  17. How to use backup
  18. How can I find all my collections on a drive?
  19. How can I move SuperMemo to a new computer on a flashdrive?
  20. What is the optimum daily learning time
  21. Endless loop of repetitions
  22. How to paste a picture and How to use pictures as questions?
  23. Why is SuperMemo so insanely unfriendly?
  24. Definition of the term "memorized"
  25. SuperMemo not good enough to understand physics!
  26. What is incremental reading?
  27. Done vs. Delete vs. Dismiss
  28. Accelerated aging of SuperMemo
  29. SuperMemo does not need to be used daily
  30. SuperMemo uses one text - one formatting rule
  31. Why no "test element" option?
  32. What if the intervals for the first repetition are too long?
  33. Newly added elements are instantly introduced into the learning process
  34. Questions display only when clicking Show answer
  35. My collections disappeared after an upgrade!
  36. How to use pictures for questions and answers?
  37. Pictures in elements
  38. Erratic interface
  39. SuperMemo messed up my Contents structure
  40. Confusion between Contents, Browser and the knowledge tree
  41. Setting fonts for components in a template
  42. Dealing_with_material_overload_in_medical_school
  43. How to do Find and Replace in a branch?
  44. How to create a template?
  45. Worries with Postpone
  46. Is SuperMemo a learning aid for Spanish?
  47. Pasting image component results in resizing of all components
  48. Using_fonts_in_SuperMemo
  49. How can I send a collection via e-mail?
  50. How can I use the same collection on two computers?
  51. Pending queue is an outdated concept
  52. How can I create graphic cloze deletion? Graphic cloze deletion
  53. Unruly rectangles in occlusion tests
  54. Getting out of the Warrior mode
  55. How to change the type of a template?
  56. Where is the browser menu?
  57. Why_no_release_dates_of_SuperMemo?
  58. What is the difference between pasting from clipboard and using import options?
  59. Formatting Q&A
  60. Error setting focus on HTML component
  61. Font too small to learn Japanese
  62. Can I export texts to a text file?
  63. Importing a batch of pictures
  64. How can I remove a search highlight?
  65. Formatting HTML export
  66. Learning mathematical proofs
  67. Floating windows and toolbars
  68. Swap Q&A
  69. I_cannot_find_my_picture_in_the_registry
  70. Random test vs review function
  71. Can I disable templates?
  72. How to find elements created between two dates?
  73. Problems with SuperMemo despite 7 years of use
  74. Printing Q&As
  75. Ctrl_J vs. Ctrl_Shift_R
  76. How to apply template to all elements in a category?
  77. Can I offer freeware version of SuperMemo on my website?
  78. What when computer asks which program to use to open SuperMemo?
  79. How to use tasklists?
  80. Difference between learn and review
  81. How to reset the history of an individual item?
  82. Swap problem
  83. Default responses on dialog windows
  84. How do I forget my data
  85. Steps to Import a Sound File into SuperMemo
  86. Upgrade Options
  87. SuperMemo 18