Will SuperMemo work in Windows Vista?

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New SuperMemos work in New Windows (Jan 2014)

SuperMemo 15 and SuperMemo 16 work in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

These versions can also be used in some older versions of Windows.

Older SuperMemos will also work in many versions of Windows.

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Kristie asked:

Does SuperMemo work in Windows Vista?

Can SuperMemo be run in Vista 64?


You can run SuperMemo for Windows in Windows Vista (incl. x64).

Important: If you still have the old installer, change the default installation folder to c:\sm2006, c:\SuperMemo, d:\sm2006 or similar (otherwise you may need to run SuperMemo in administrator mode).

If you have already installed in Program Files, you can safely move the entire SuperMemo folder to a new location (e.g. c:\SuperMemo, c:\sm2006, c:\Users\Daniel\SuperMemo, etc.).

If you do not want to move SuperMemo away from \Program Files, you may experience errors in file access. In such a case, set Properties of the SuperMemo shortcut to Run as Administrator.

SuperMemo 2008 and later

The main problem caused by the introduction of Vista was its very aggressive treatment of files with the extension REG (introduced to SuperMemo before the release of Windows 95!). SuperMemo 2008 uses the extension RTX for storing registry texts (REG files are renamed to RTX when first opening old collections with the new SuperMemo). Newer versions of SuperMemo are not limited by access permissions set in newer Windows.

Known issues in Vista

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