Why don't you answer my e-mails?

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The most frequent reason for not receiving a reply via e-mail are spam filters (esp. at @yahoo.com, @hotmail, @comcast, and @gmail.com e-mail addresses). In most cases we do receive your complaints and attempt to resend the instructions to all e-mail addresses on the file. If this fails, we attempt a contact by phone (if you listed one in your order). If you do not get an answer in 2-3 attempts, you could best provide an alternative e-mail address.

Remember to add shop[year]@ and help[year]@ addresses to your spam whitelist (e.g. shop2017(AT)supermemo(DOT)org)

You can also edit this page in cases when messages sent to @supermemo.org bounce back for some reason.

Remember also that each year addresses change. For example, shop2017(@)supermemo(.)org will change to shop2018@ on Jan 1, 2018. The old addresses are discarded and misdirected mail will not be retrieved.

Please note also that questions that have already been answered in the documentation receive lower priority and may take longer to process.

See: No response from the tech support for days

Exemplary messages

  • I've emailed you five times asking for my registration password. I purchased SuperMemo 11 days ago. Can someone please send me my password already?
  • I'm having trouble reach tech support via email. I've sent 4 messages from different accounts. Help!
  • I have been waiting about 6 months for and unlock password email to arrive. PLEASE - send me something that indicates you at least got my email. I actually paid for this product - now I want to register it and use it with all it's supposed capabilities

Open letter from a random customer

d.c. wrote:

  • It's been 5 days since I bought SuperMemo 17 and I haven't received my key. I've sent numerous emails to all the possible accounts (shop@, shop2017, shop2016 just in case, shop@, shop2017@, shop2016@, at supermemo.org and at supermemo.com. Please don't put up the spam filter excuse either, the automated response from shop@ got through just fine, I've checked my SPAM folders already, and I've never had any problem with Gmail completely deleting an email from ANY company.
  • The worst thing is that now I'm locked in with SuperMemo 17 and can't go back, because I've already added a lot of items in the trial period which is already over. So I'm completely locked out of studying with SuperMemo, even with the older versions.
  • If anybody is able to help, my email is dan******@gmail.com. It'll be easy to recognize my address because I've already sent email to the addresses listed at the top. I'll be eternally thankful to whoever can solve this issue, thanks.


  • Your instructions have been sent 3 times
  • We got no notification of delivery problems
  • We probably do not have problem receiving your mail as multiple copies have arrived at different addresses
  • gmail.com uses a sophisticated AI spam filter, which may easily intercept one message while pass through many others
  • you can mail your phone number if this problem perists

User Response

d.c. wrote (on the same day, reached via gmail): Hi! Got it! Sorry for spamming the wiki, but I had to get your attention in some way. Have a nice day!