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SuperMemo World

Currently, there is no Mac version in development. If we find an independent developer ready to risk the development on this platform, we will gladly discuss cooperation. At any time there are 2-3 individuals or companies ready to give it a try. But these come and go. SuperMemo 1.0 for Mac developed in 1993-1995 was terminated due to being unprofitable.

See: Why does not SuperMemo World develop SuperMemo for Mac

CrossOver Mac

Matt M. succeeded in installing SuperMemo 16 in CrossOver Mac.;msg=185021

See: SuperMemo 16 in CrossOver Mac

Virtual PC

I am working for a while with SuperMemo and Virtual PC. It works. The downside: Virtual PC is not cheap!

For working on the same database when not at my computer, I just copy the whole Virtual PC database (in VirtualPC list) to my laptop and back again.

FREE Alternative: VirtualBox

VirtualBox is a free version of VirtualPC and, apparently, even more functional. Just install Windows XP in a virtual machine and there you go. Also, it's easy to backup: when you're done with Supermemo, just copy the .vdi somewhere. (If you need help, ask in my talk page)


I have gotten supermemo 98 to work with darwine, which is freeware and is an offshoot of wine which was developed for linux to run windows programs. To run internet explorer on the mac, I use ies4osx. The relevant software:

I haven't yet shelled out the money for a more recent version because I am not sure it will work, and I don't feel like gambling when 98 works just fine.


SuperMemo seems to work but there are problems with data corruption.

See also:

sm98 vs. sm2006

To be sure sm98 works ok, you will need a few weeks of testing to know if all file operations are executed correctly (regular database checkup with the repair function will answer this question). It may appear that sm98 behaves better in emulation modes than newer versions because of its independence from Internet Explorer. To see how later versions behave, you can best try sm2004 trial here:

SuperMemo 98 is easier to run on Mac than SuperMemo 2006

VMWare Fusion


Other programs for Mac