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SuperMemo UX terminated

SuperMemo UX line has been terminated!

see: or for alternatives.

The text below is retained for archival purposes.

SuperMemo UX replaced Multimedia SuperMemo

SuperMemo UX [1] is a new version of Multimedia SuperMemo that runs in Windows. UX stands for User eXperience. It replaced the terminated line of Multimedia SuperMemo that had been used for licensing and off-line publish. Being HTML-based, SuperMemo UX allows of full data exchange with [2].

SuperMemo UX is available with an external editor to publishers wishing to use SuperMemo as their course publishing engine [3]. First ready-content publications became available in December 2006 with learning and exam simulation content preparing for international language certificates: CAE, prepared in cooperation with Pearson Education and Zertifikat Deutsch, prepared in cooperation with Ernst Klett Verlag. The same courses are also available in [4]. A list of SM UX courses available at the moment can be found here: [5].

Selected features:

  • smart, intuitive and user-friendly interface,
  • selection of material, including and excluding it from repetitions,
  • new types of exercises designed especially for language courses (more than 10 types of tests),
  • clear presentation of the learning plan and progress,
  • robust templates engine,
  • speech module,
  • embedded dictionary,
  • handling of multiple users (with only one installation many users can learn from courses without the need to copy them),
  • automatic on-line update,
  • Windows Vista compatibility,
  • written in C# and based on .NET 2.0 technology.

A powerful editor providing a number of ready test and presentation templates, and producing their html code (used in SuperMemo UX and is now made available separately by SuperMemo World to publishers and course developers

For more information:

  • go to webpage: [6] or in Polish: [7].
  • write to: superux (AT) supermemo (DOT) com


At the moment, there are the follwing SM UX courses available:

  • CD/DVD releases: [8] or in Polish: [9]
  • online: [10].

They can be ordered by mail or downloaded. See: [11] or in Polish: [12].

SuperMemo UX vs. Pro versions (aka SuperMemos for Windows--SM 10/11/12/13/14/15)

SuperMemo UX is an authoring tool for CD/DVD releases, whereas SuperMemos 10/11/12/13/14/15 are stand-alone self-learning tools.

SuperMemo UX was designed with two primary goals in mind:

  • providing SuperMemo engine for developing and publishing attractive and effective multimedia courses
  • easy exchange of data and synchronization with the on-line learning service

For more see: Which_is_better_for_me:_SuperMemo_15_or_SuperMemo_UX?