Problems with importing bulk mail from MS Outlook

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Problem fixed

This problem refers to SuperMemo 2004. It has been fixed in SuperMemo 2006

Problem with Outlook in SuperMemo 2004

SuperMemo imports from "Inbox" by default. However, if "Inbox" is absent, there is no way to open the folders dialog to reassign another default import folder. The same problem occurs with the default archive folder: "Deleted Items".

The problem occurs on two occasions:

  • if the first personal folder file in Outlook does not include the folders: Inbox and/or Deleted Items (creating the Inbox folder and the Deleted Items folder or closing the Inbox-less PST solves the problem)
  • in non-English Outlook, the name of the Inbox folder may have been translated to a local language (try creating a dummy Inbox folder and a dummy Deleted Items folder and choose another default import folder with Pick Folder in the Import Mail dialog box in SuperMemo)