Gamma testing SuperMemo 2004

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The list of most important problems solved during Gamma-testing SuperMemo 2004 (Sep 2004-Mar 2005):

  1. Some plain Asian texts would be incorrectly interpreted as valid UTF-8 strings (see: )
  2. Collections upgraded from SuperMemo 98 would incorrectly scale templates
  3. Non-Unicode Cyrillic would not import correctly as XML
  4. Long UTF8 encoded texts would not display correctly in the registry
  5. The ancestor window would not apply the contents font
  6. Ctrl+Alt+L in the search dialog box would conflict with AltGr+L
  7. File : Merge collection would not transfer the layout to collections that did not exist before the transfer
  8. Some diacritical characters would not transfer correctly between Windows and Pocket PC
  9. Lexicon registry would ignore non-Latin words
  10. Ctrl+Shift+Y would throw an error if there were no components to transcribe
  11. Wrong guess of intervals for substantially delayed repetitions imported via XML
  12. RTL text-flow would not be inherited in HTML extracts 
  13. Wrong relative path determination when extracting localized pictures with URLs that use backslashes instead of slashes
  14. Click on HTML components would set focus without changing the active component
  15. BOM markers not skipped in Q&A import in UTF-8 encoding
  16. Answers in cloze deletions would not inherit the text direction
  17. Link : Hyperlink would be active but not operational in non-edit modes
  18. Due to UTF-8 sorting ambiguities, title shortening might result in duplicate registry entries
  19. Pastes from some OLE applications would execute twice
  20. Unintelligible error reporting on failed DDE transactions
  21. Repair collection would leave UTF-8 encoded texts encoded when removing hidden formatting with Remove hidden formatting checked
  22. Some non-UTF-8 Japanese texts would be UTF-8 decoded on Q&A import
  23. Outstanding field would not scale down the font for longer strings on the status bar
  24. Selecting words with double-click in HTML would result in erratic mouse behavior
  25. Basic level would disallow of the status bar