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To find answers to questions about SuperMemo do the following:

  1. See http://www.super-memory.com/help/faq/index.htm
  2. See collaborative FAQs below
  3. Search Google for <keywords>+SuperMemo
  4. If you do not find an answer, you can add your question below in the New Questions category.


  1. ABC of SuperMemo
  2. Learning
  3. Incremental reading
  4. Formulating knowledge
  5. Memory, sleep, creativity, etc
  6. The Algorithm
  7. Installation
  8. Shopping FAQ
  9. Technical FAQs
  10. Problems, Errors and Bugs
  11. Licensing SuperMemo Algorithm
  12. SuperMemo 2000-2012
  13. Import, Export and Data formats

FAQ Archive

  1. FAQ Archive

Most often asked questions about most often asked questions

  1. Why don't you answer my e-mails?
  2. I have been waiting for 2 weeks for my answer to be posted at this site
  3. You forgot to paste the answer
  4. How do I post a follow-up to the answer that does not fully answer my question

New Questions

  1. Will using a sleep mask hinder free-running sleep?
  2. SafeSuperMemo PowerShell script for Dropbox with automated backups
  3. How can I use Supermemo for non-technical books?
  4. Can images be edited outside of SuperMemo without issue?
  5. Is there any harm to nesting categories?
  6. What are the YouTube API changes that threaten incremental video in all versions of SuperMemo?
  7. How exactly does Spread work?
  8. Importing Wikipedia articles containing math
  9. Keyboard shortcuts for subscript and superscript?
  10. Keyboard shortcut to find images by name in registry?
  11. How to postpone elements into a time window?
  12. Impose template?
  13. How to best learn synonyms in a foreign language?
  14. How to best prepare for differential diagnosis with SM?
  15. Various questions about general supermemo operation
  16. How to join beta-testing of the new version?
  17. Memorizing 10K+ pages
  18. How to go from Cloze Deletions, Items and Topics to a Q&A template?
  19. Invalid outstanding elements in collection
  20. Problems with incremental video
  21. How to bring back cloze word highlights
  22. Will deleting items hurt SM repetition scheduling
  23. Combining two collections and learning data
  24. Incremental reading: turning cloze statements into questions
  25. Categories - current category
  26. Wikipedia pages are slow to load
  27. Problems with move to category
  28. Problems with pasting images
  29. Getting sleep by just closing eyes
  30. How to learn elements in a specific sequence?
  31. Deleting many sounds files an once
  32. Problems with the folder structure in the elements folder
  33. What burden parameter really means?
  34. Wrong collection opens at restart
  35. Is large number of outstanding items require specific action?
  36. Why does Duplicate create a child?
  37. Element window size change sometimes alter components size and sometimes not.
  38. Additional text characters after pressing alt a
  39. How to propagate references after an articles has already been processed (extracts or clozes)
  40. Nothing more to learn, but there are still outstanding elements.
  41. I keep getting Nothing more to learn while Workload shows outstanding items
  42. SuperMemo error: The device name is already used as an alias for this application. Use a unique alias.
  43. Priority bias in Alertness (H)
  44. Pasting images into an HTML component does not always work
  45. Is there a limit to the amount of text you can put in one topic?
  46. Problem memorizing freshly imported items
  47. Localizing images across the entire collection
  48. SuperMemo and Medical School
  49. Media junkies vs SuperMemo
  50. Copy collection vs Quick backup
  51. How do breaks in learning affect the repetition schedule and priority queue in SuperMemo?
  52. Switching my learning process to SuperMemo
  53. What extension can be imported with files and folders import?
  54. How to select many elements in the browser?
  55. Reference problem when editing items
  56. Wrong value in the first grade graph
  57. Problems after deleting a background image
  58. After impose template, font change still affects many elements
  59. How to transfer my notes to iPad?
  60. How do I convert a group of items into tasks?
  61. Version compatibility
  62. Can I use incremental listening on MP3 files?
  63. What is the difference between "local pages (elements hold whole web pages)" and "local pages with local images" in Wikipedia import?
  64. Strange behavior in occlusion test
  65. Cloze deletions in nested extracts
  66. Wrong data in Workload
  67. Item title editing inconsistency?
  68. Converting a branch into category does not convert all descendants
  69. What is the best encoding for saving a Q&A text file when editing it in Notepad2?
  70. Graphic cloze deletion changes size
  71. Newly made questions are going straight to final drill without giving me the chance to rate their recall? confused
  72. When I add new items they are immediately memorized
  73. Is there any possible way to automatically import all the wikipedia articles of a given language into Supermemo at once?
  74. Duplicates show immediately after originals
  75. What do you suggest writing in the title bar for extracts of extracts converted to cloze deletions?
  76. After converting a SuperMemo16 collection into SuperMemo17, the Buttons 'Answer' and 'Display At' are greyed out.
  77. Mature learning after long absence in SM 17
  78. Process Branch applied same template to items and topics
  79. Categories vs Concepts
  80. Localized images propagate in unwanted places

New questions (dynamic list)