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From: aleishamak
Sent: Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:46 pm
Subject: [supermemo] Quick Backup


What exactly is the difference between a quick backup (File : Tools : Quick backup (Shift+F12)) and a copy of the complete collection (File : Copy collection (Shift+Ctrl+C))?

Why wouldn't quick backups be used for repetitions?


A quick backup is a copy of the collection sans its non-essential [RECOVER], '[Reports] and [Temp] subfolders (stored in the collection folder). Basically, quick backups contain only files relevant for learning with a given collection. If you want to find out what exactly these folders contain, read: Collection files

Additionally, a complete copy is named differently from the quick backup, e.g.:

  • File : Copy collection will name the collection: Collection name (copy) (e.g. Advanced English (copy)), while
  • File : Tools : Quick backup: (((Backup of COLLECTION NAME created on 2011-05-01 15-05-29))) (e.g. (((Backup of ADVANCED ENGLISH created on 2011-05-01 15-05-29))))

It is not that quick backups cannot be used for repetitions. They only should not be accidentally used for repetitions (i.e. the master copy of your collection is perfectly fine but you accidentally continue learning with a recently made quick backup only to return to your master collection and notice that it is not exactly what you remember it to be). That's why SuperMemo 2008 introduced a measure that would warn you each time you open a backup collection. However, if your master collection has been damaged beyond repair, you should restore it from your recently made backup and continue learning minimizing losses.